Why Do You Run?

Why do you run away my child?

Why do you avoid my gaze?

Why do you distract yourself from me?

Have I not shown my gentleness?

Have I not shown that I do not judge, but instead surround you with my ocean of mercy and compassion?

I came as a wee babe, so I would not scare you.

I preached compassion and forgiveness.

I ate and spent time with those most sinful and most hated. Those outcast and abandoned.

I died for love of you.

Yet, still you are afraid?

Still you are indifferent?

Still you cling to your sinful pleasures and delights, afraid that you will be miserable without them?

Do you not know that I am patient and gentle?

Do you not know that I will give you so much more?

That your sins and worldly pleasures will never come even close to the fulfillmen, joy, and abundance I have in store for you.

That I came that you might have life! And life to abundance!

Do you not trust me?

That my way is the way of life?

That the crosses and sufferings I will choose for you are easier and lighter than the ones given by living the ways of the world?

That my yoke is easy and my burden light?

I fight it.

I resist him.

I hide.

I do not want that cross He has chosen for me. I want to indulge in my pleasures.

How can I live without my attachments?

I am scared of the suffering I may have to endure.

Trust me, come to me. For I am meek and humble if heart.

Gently He is speaking. Calling me close to His heart.

I will not lead you astray or ravage your heart.

I will be with you in all your struggles and sufferings.

Come to me with your attachments and sins.

Come to me with your fears and struggles.

I will not judge you or put you down.

I will raise you up and encourage you.

I will carry you through your struggles. Transform you and make you new.

What else can I do to show you my love?



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