Clearing Out The Weeds in My Soul

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

It’s starting to get warmer here during the day and the rains from the past couple of months are bringing forth an abundance of weeds. While the kids play outside, I start pulling handfulls of weeds out of the soft and moist earth and start reflecting. There is something about pulling out weeds that is healing. Maybe it’s the fresh start, the hope for a future garden that brings forth abundant fruit, the clearing of the old and life-draining to make room for the new and life-giving. It makes me think of how God works in my life. He wants to clear out the weeds in my heart so that I can be open to receive a beautiful garden that will not only bring joy in my life but bring forth abundant fruit for myself and others. Sometimes this clearing is hard, requiring humility, sacrifice, suffering and change. Yet, do I have trust that it is all for a better future?

As we draw closer to Lent, it reminds me of the purpose of repenting and making more time to pray, of offer sacrifices and fasting, of simplifying and helping the poor more. While there are many reasons to do these things, today, I reflect on the fact that when I offer these sacrifices, prayers and almsgiving, I am clearing my heart to become humble and barren like the empty earth, so that I may receive the beauty and fruits that God has prepared for me and those around me.


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